Pringle Wang

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Pringle Wang (sometimes just refered to as Wang) is a non-contact, two-player sport played with a standard, plastic Pringles can lid (disc). The objective is to throw the disc past the opposing player.


[edit] History

[edit] First Games

First played by colleagues at ComplianceControl in September 2008, the game began as a work-time recreational pursuit. The idea was to find the most interesting game using equipment as cheap and readily available as possible.

[edit] Officalisation

The International Federation of Pringle Wangers (IFPW) was conceived at the end of September 2008 as an administrative body to officiate over the sport, manage its regulation and to catalogue the rapid growth of Wang players. The IFPW now operates from as well as their Facebook page—International Federation of Pringle Wangers

[edit] Rules

The following rules are taken from the IFPW document, Rules and Regulations—IFPW Rules and Regulations (Stage Two):

[edit] Official Equipment

The following equipment is sanctioned for use in official games of Pringle Wang:

[edit] Official Rules

1. Definitions
2. Serving
3. General Play
4. Scoring
5. Out-of-bounds