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Mirrornet is a distributed http mirroring system. It creates a 'mirror network' of web servers.

A typical use scenario of Mirrornet is to allow the hosting of a high traffic website to shared between several machines on low-speed (adsl, etc) connections.

It can help a group of volunteers host websites that can support many thousands of simultaneous users.

It works by automatically replicating changes amongst a group of web servers. Visitors to the mirrored web site are distributed amongst the servers in a load balanced way.

Checks are made to ensure the consistency and integrity of the shared website and the reachability of nodes within the mirror network.

For more information, read the official documentation: http://www.ivixor.net/~dan/files/Mirrornet_dissertation_ddr1_final_1_nocode.pdf

Download: http://www.ivixor.net/~dan/files/mirrornet.tar.gz

Mirrornet was written in 2005 by Dan Ros for his Computer Science degree dissertation. It requires a Linux platform and the Apache webserver.