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Lots of people say lots of funny things on the Internet, has loads, here are some funny ones:

<|TripleH|> Ever been fucking some 15-year-old homeless girl and the roofies wear off and she starts to wake
up? Do you just keep going, or do you hit her with a toaster or something and try to knock her back out? I
never know what to do.
Dr [[ SpaZZo]] : Why the hell do they call it fox undercover when they just go up to the people on the street and 
tigeraid: another baby?
tigeraid: jesus christ lady it's a vagina, not a clown car
<ckx> women ask for it
<ckx> they act all old and mature
<ckx> and then you stick your cock up their ass
<ckx> and they get all bitchy
<ckx> "I"M ONLY 13, I'M ONLY 13!!!"
[02:16:02] <iln> would you fuck a 15 year old.
[02:16:12] <AlmtyBob> the question is
[02:16:16] <AlmtyBob> would a 15 year old fuck me?
<RastaJew> when a girl says she has no new nude pics and you ask for her old ones dont say "the older the better"