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Below is what a typical InternetConversation looks like...

 Jonneh joins conversation
[04:48:57] Jonneh says: of course you could always just funnel warm gasoline up your ass like normal?
[04:49:11] spectre says: poo enema lol
[04:51:06] Jonneh says: oh spectre
[04:51:11] Jonneh says: YOU SO CRAZY
[04:51:23] spectre says: are we chatting yet?
[04:52:20] Jonneh says: i dunno r u touchin ur cock?
[04:52:42] spectre says: yeah 
[04:53:20] spectre says: public hair shoes
[04:53:36] Jonneh says: i have no public hair :/
[04:53:47] spectre says: you are like bluec then
[04:54:08] Jonneh says: bluec more like cluec...less
[04:54:24] spectre says: steam loller |
[04:55:09] spectre says: touch your nipples
[04:56:53] spectre says: r u tocuhin tehm yet?
[04:57:09] Jonneh says: i just came
[04:57:42] spectre says: me too :/
[04:58:13] Jonneh says: k now put semen in ur ear
[04:58:24] Jonneh says: u will get superpowers
[04:58:31] spectre says: woah suparpowahs?
[04:58:47] Jonneh says: because the semen molecules REACT with the ear molecules
[04:58:52] Jonneh says: causing a chain reaction
[04:58:58] spectre says: W@W
[04:59:16] spectre says: i put it in but its jus drippnig out 
[05:00:09] Jonneh says: oh
[05:00:29] Jonneh says: i just did it and now i'm typing with my brain
[05:00:36] spectre says: woah rad
[05:01:59] spectre says: ur pic makes me cry
[05:02:15] Jonneh says: super kawaii is it not?
[05:02:41] Jonneh says:
[05:02:41] Jonneh says: doh
[05:02:41] Jonneh says: jpg
[05:03:05] spectre says: JPS LOL THTA ISNT A FORMAT
[05:03:05] Jonneh says: I can't use that one in ameriKKKa
[05:03:11] Jonneh says: it almost got me band
[05:03:18] spectre says: HAHA
[05:03:22] Jonneh says: (from an intarnat forum, not from ameriKKKa)
[05:03:24] spectre says: k-rad