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It'll never catch on.

Interconnected network of computers spanning the entire globe, some say.

Is v. SrsBsns

Not to be confused with the innernet or intranet.

Contrary to his opinion, was not actually invented by DavePrice .


Mostly worthless.

Is broken! See InformationServices

Allegedly Invented by DavePrice

Just don't blame hypno.

Can also be used as an expression of something being "cool" or "rad":

  <bluec> spectre: if we go to zagreb can we find
 severina vockovic? i want to tell her how much i've been enjoying her 
leaked sex tape
  <bluec> also i want to slap my cock on her face like the guy does in it
<spectre> bluec, that would be internet
  <bluec> aye
  <bluec> totally
  <bluec> (NICE WORK, SPECTRE)
"You have people who were previously sitting in their basement reading fantasy novels all day... and all 
night... and then some. They have some wierd fetish, or think that the people who make traffic signals are out 
to kill them, or wind is made by tigers or something like that, and they just sit there by themselves because 
they think they're the only ones who think that, and obviously they can't go out in public and start screaming 
at their wristwatch because, you know, they'd get arrested or something.

But what the internet does is it gets these people together. Before, these people were by themselves, but then 
they get on the internet and do a search and they find people that are exactly like them. And then one person 
goes into two, and two becomes four, and four becomes sixteen, and... I can't go past sixteen, I'm sorry, I 
failed out of college. And it just keeps going on and on like that, and once a group kind of hits a certain 
number, these people start to think they're in the majority, and they start to think that, "Well, you think that 
I'm wrong, well, I've got all these people here telling me that if you look at the color white, you get cancer. 
So, obviously we're right, and obviously you're a bigot. And I get that all the time, because you can't poke fun 
at anybody without being called "racially insensitive", even though people who think that hats are trying to 
kill them, that's not a race."

see also: HowNotToUseTheInternet


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