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<braingrind> (18:09:27) NO NICK!!!: hey
<braingrind> (18:09:36) braingrind: hello
<braingrind> (18:09:55) NO NICK!!!: 7abebe le bt2les 3ala soso
<braingrind> (18:10:05) NO NICK!!!: bt2ole ano ante m2ltlesh wala
<braingrind> (18:10:18) braingrind: i dont understand
<braingrind> (18:11:49) NO NICK!!!: wala ameen
<braingrind> (18:12:56) NO NICK!!!: walla rod
<braingrind> (18:14:12) NO NICK!!!: wala rod 3m b7ke
<braingrind> (18:14:50) braingrind: wallawalla la la la
<braingrind> (18:15:33) NO NICK!!!: asa 3njad le bt2les bt2ol ano ante m2oltesh ano ante msa7b sohela sa7 ante hek aoltele
<braingrind> (18:17:30) braingrind: hop it
<braingrind> (18:17:33) braingrind: get lost
<braingrind> (18:17:38) braingrind: on yer bike
<braingrind> (18:17:42) braingrind: take a hike
<braingrind> (18:17:45) NO NICK!!!: wala 
<braingrind> (18:17:47) NO NICK!!! has closed the conversation window.
<braingrind> (18:24:31) NO NICK!!! logged out.
He says "Why don't you care about Soso"
"You say that I don't care about her"
He thinks that your friend is called Ameen
He says then "Hey Ameen!!" "Answer me"