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<spectre> OH HAY SWB
<beefalo> swb
<beefalo> swb
<beefalo> beep
<swb> i saw swb kiss a gorilla
<spectre> uh oh
<swb> then i saw swb eat a gorilla
<beefalo> :/
<spectre> beefalo
<swb> :/
<Mr_T> anyway
<spectre> beefalo = swb
<spectre> swb = beefalo
<swb> aye :|
<-- spectre has kicked beefalo from #aber (swb)
<-- spectre has kicked swb from #aber (beefalo)
<spectre> lol!
--> swb ( has joined #aber
--- Jonneh gives channel operator status to swb
--- ivixor gives channel operator status to swb
<spectre> lolling pin
<swb> :<
<spectre> rite?
* Mr_T goes away in the hope by the time he gets back, all this silliness will be over with and he can get back to his serious Internet business
<spectre> Mr_T, the internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS
<bluec> the intenret isnt a business
<swb> SERIOUS INTERNET?!?!?!?!?!
<spectre> where did BEEFALO go ?
<bluec> it's a club 
<spectre> is she struggling to get back on the internet? 
--> beefalo (~Alexandra@0::ffff: has joined #aber
--- Jonneh gives channel operator status to beefalo
<swb> beefalo is a he now
<spectre> HI BEEFALO
<bluec> she unstruggled
--- beefalo is now known as swb_
<swb_> swb
--- swb is now known as feebalo
<bluec> o wat
<spectre> wizzle tizzle fizzle?
<bluec> wtf yo
<feebalo> internet
<feebalo> aye
<swb_> feebalo, 
<swb_> beep
<feebalo> swb_
<swb_> feebalo, 
<feebalo> aww swb_ enabled beep on beefacomputie
<hypno> feebalo: 
<hypno> wat
<hypno> feebalo: 
<feebalo> :<
<swb_> feebalo, 
<feebalo> too much beep swb_
<swb_> *beep*
<bluec> beep!!!!!
<feebalo> plz to make unbeep
<bluec> wait i misunderstood
<feebalo> bwb
<hypno> just type feebalo
<bluec> boobs ^_^_^_^_^_^
<feebalo> :< my comutie beeps at bwb
<spectre> boobs?
<spectre> url?
<feebalo> :/
<hypno> odd looking boobs
<Mr_T> aimaz, would you like some cocoa?
<spectre> bwb
<spectre> bewb
<spectre> boob
<spectre> bewb
<spectre> bwb
<Mr_T> hypno, them there boobs are the boobs of TOMORROW
<bluec> b00b
<Mr_T> so get used to it
<feebalo> internet
<feebalo> braingrind
--- swb_ is now known as beefalo
<bluec> o dear
<spectre> braingrind is stupid
<feebalo> beefalo, 
<bluec> now i'm confused
--- feebalo is now known as h5
<bluec> :\
<spectre> ____________________________________________________________________________________________
<bluec> sup5
<bluec> spectre: NO!
<beefalo> swb isnt matt
<spectre> whurt ?
<bluec> dunno
<hypno> wat
<spectre> wiikii
<bluec> aye ^_^
--- beefalo is now known as moley
<spectre> wwiikkii