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Prez for SCIENCE dance!

Currently doing an MRes/PhD at the University of Bristol in Complexity Sciences.


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<Ultima> always vomit on cats when you get the chance, they never second guess vomiting on you!
<Ultima> drugs to meditation are like what whores are to masturbation
<Ultali> man Tasha needs to get a better pet name for me than "Beaver face"

[edit] Fan fic

Here is some fan fiction about Matt:

One time, long ago in medieval days, Matt donned his gay apparel and left his mud hut heading for
the castle where he worked. Not as a gay like you were thinking but as a page boy. Sighing to
himself as he walked into the court of the King, he secretly wished everyone in the room was dead.
If only there was some other way to keep everyone occupied, perhaps some sort of mechanical device?
Yes, he thought to himself, a mechanical device that would keep a man (probably not a woman)
occupied for up to 7 weeks trying to get it to work. LinWorks he would name it, after King Lin his

Just then a knight came in, pushed over a shitload of court ladies, roared mightily and kicked young
Matt's head off. The king immediately got up and shouted 'FETCH ME MY SWORD' and they did and he
walked up to the knight and he said 'kneel sir knight, i dub thee SIR PWN'

    ~~ Jonneh & AndyJ

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/uploads/ultimacat.jpg ← My crazy cat, I like kittens aswell as cats >^___^<