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A MySpac is a new phenomenon on the AberWiki. It is summarised by "an individual who makes an uninteresting personal wiki page about him or herself or on behalf of somebody else feigning a venomous dislike". A MySpac is often shown the wiki by another MySpac, resulting in the exponential growth of MySpacs.

None of the MySpacs are very interesting and have an unhealthy obsession with updating their own pages. They tend to have no grasp of the basic principles of wit and sarcasm which underpin the AberWiki. As a result their pages are dull, insipid and offer little or no extra content to the wiki.

MySpac status can usually be revoked by visiting /AberFreeNet and stating your case. The judge's decision is final. For users who have transcended the myspac barrier, see Afal

the guy who wrote this quite clearly is not that interesting as he had to create this pile of shite to show his "power"

What a big man he is

Where as you are EPIC LOL