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A fantastical, wonderland of abandoned mainframes. Unwanted tape drives. Grungy technology and sometimes powermacs (If you don't know what one is, ask m0ng)

Also contains furniture, books, funny shaped hats, bicycles, WeakPirateJokes, parag0n(more often than not), Ferret and OnYourBike

In other words, its got everything a geek needs. Apart from pot noodles.

Its on Morfa Mawr (near the 'mor'), look for the circling geeks feasting on the carcass of an abandoned alphaserver

Its Internet!

CRAFT are working on new premises near the railway station in aber. It's not going entirely smoothly..

scaffolding collapse at station 22/2/05

Update May 06:

NewCRAFT is open ^_^ Plz2 see railway station. Note the even floor, insulated roof, locking doors and new unfishy logo. In other words, craft has sold out.