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[edit] "Doomed to reign over Aberystwyth"

Website: Band comprised of braingrind (drums), emii(vocals) and Joe (who now lives in bluec's old house) on lead guitar, and Matt on bass




[edit] BrainSlug reviews

TheBay 7th of October

If BrainSlug wasn't the band name, what else could they be called? Add suggestions below:

Fidel and the Castronauts --Jonneh
Mr Grind and Her 2 Lovely Daughters
The Talenteds (featuring emii)
Brain Grind and the Brain Slugs
Alexi and the axe wounds
Insane In The Brain(grind) von

Crowd reaction shot:


<braingrind> brainslug were titty fucked sometime in the ballbusting early 21st century. brainslug do not like to be pigeonholed, or pigeons. brainslug are available for public enters, private parties and aardvarks with PFI/PPP fingering.

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