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Tomorrow your beardy gods will face their toughest test yet. Having destroyed 
both Gillette and Wilkinson Sword we take on The Clubs And Socs Committee and 
must convince them of what you, fair beardy, already know, THAT WE SHOULD BE 

The beardsoc 10 week report is certainly “special” and has so far convinced 
both of us in independent testing that we are the best society known to man. 
But where do you come in, beard lovers? Well to celebrate we will be a beardy 
drinking from 8pm in the union bar (bar beard). Please come and join us 
otherwise you will be shunned by beard wearers everywhere and your own face 
will hate you.

YOU MUST WEAR BEARDS ( OR HAVE BEARDS ) though we appreciate this is short 
notice to make a beard, why don’t you try growing one? You have 24 hours. 
Since the last e-mail, we have both grown beards! Now it’s your turn.

Ben and Bob, your friends from beyond the shave

BE Special
BE Different

PS – Thanks to the girls who e-mailed in about pogonophobia, let’s hope the 
committee don’t have an irrational fear of beards tomorrow…