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A guide of how to deal with unapproving remarks and mean spirited comments from the men at #aber and how to prevent in being in uncomfortable situations. What? Like the back of a volkswagen?

Bare in mind, at all times: its like a group of social retards who have all found each other and dont let anyone of a less retarded status into their "club"


[edit] 1 - #Aber Men

[edit] 1.1 What is #aber?

A small community of people on irc that have or had attended Aber university and their friends. At least 96% of the regulars are male. The common kinds of people that stay on #aber are the following:

I. Students of Aber

II. Former students of Aber

III. Any friends of any of the regulars

IV. Freaks that found #aber by accident

[edit] 1.2 Who are the regulars?

Aimaz, Hypno, Swb, spectre, horizon5, braingrind, Ferret, MrT, Ulti, Parag0n, Jonneh, Shigs, Elleo, steev, pthag

[edit] 1.3 Why do you call them #aber men?

They are affectionally called #aber men because most of the regulars are male and they stay in #aber or periodically visit the channel.

[edit] 2 - Are You New To Aber?

[edit] 2.1 So, you found #aber by some weird coincidence and decided to participate.

This is an odd little group. First you find them cool cause they are different and they are accepting of almost everyone. You become hooked of some people's winning personalities, but then comes the challenge. They like to insult, joke, and verbally abuse others and if you are the person they make fun of then you have to fight or put up with it.

[edit] 3 - What to do in case there is a disagreement with the regulars.

[edit] 3.1 So, you decided to fight with the #aber men.

In this case be prepared for a long and hurtful battle. You have to have a hardcore tough skin. You have to be so tough that their attacks has to bounce off. Be prepared of the loyal friends that will ambush you which is equivalent of a bunch of school kids getting around you in a circle throwing rocks at you until you die.

[edit] 3.2 So, you decided to hang the boxing gloves.

Not much to say here. The passive-aggressive approach is not that successful cause they don't give a damn what you think.

[edit] 4 - Differences in Opinions.

[edit] 4.1 So, you've been challenged on every word you say.

On occasion they seem to challenge every word or opinion you say when its the opposite of the opinion of the majority. The group is ultra liberal and anything that is against their beliefs will be in question. Even if you are a liberal yourself but have some differences in opinion it will be addressed and then supressed.

[edit] 5 - Vulnerability.

[edit] 5.1 So, you have admitted your deepest and scary secrets.

Be prepared that they will store this information for future reference. They will throw this at you in the future if it will bury you. They won't share any sympathies or give you any comfort.

[edit] 6 - Domestic Disputes.

[edit] 6.1 So, you have witness the regulars insult each other.

Don't say a word and let nature take its course. They will tell you that they are friends and friends insult each other because its all in good nature.

[edit] 7 - Jokes, Sarcasm, & Humour.

[edit] 7.1 So, the jokes and sarcasm go over your head and you don't seem to get the humour.

In this situation say absolutely nothing. Let nature take its course. Don't admit that you don't understand and don't admit that you don't think its funny because it will come back to you as if you are stupid.

[edit] 8 - Computer Technical Support.

[edit] 8.1 So, you have asked #aber men for computer tech support.

So, you have asked #aber men for computer tech support.

It is a natural response to ask the #aber men for computer tech support since they are very knowledgable in this subject. Keep in mind they are the worst teachers/instructors. Ask the question once and never ask again. They don't like to repeat themselves and don't admit that you are stuck or that you are unable to fullfil their instructions. They don't like that and will accuse you of not listening and being unhelpable. Any failure to understand their instructions and meanings will rest on your shoulders. They will insult you more rather than help you in the case of failure in understanding the first set of instructions. Even if your[sic] stupid.

[edit] 9 - Hypocracy In Its Purest Form.

[edit] 9.1 So, you had to deal with hypocracy from some regulars on #aber.

You can try to point out that the comment was hypocritical considering they do the same thing. Most of time this doesn't work because they absolutely don't care what you think. You can try to let this go because if continued it can lead to another ambush fight.

[edit] 10 - Learning to Cope With #aber men.

[edit] 10.1 What are the best ways to deal with the #aber men?

Best ways is not to participate on #aber 24/7. Try not to make too many jokes about the regulars. Never ask personal questions either in private or public. For example:

I. Sausage: Are you a bender? II. Rich: Did your mother had an abortion/miscarriage before you were born?

Such questions can lead to an ambush fight.

[edit] 11 - BREAKS!

[edit] 11.1 The best ways to rest.

Get breaks inbetween conversations. At least have several hours inbetween. Stop by stay for a while and then leave. Get your mind off the men and come back. This is crucial in very sticky or uncomfortable situations. It is the best way to avoid a fight and/or filthy conversation.

[edit] 12 - Graphic, Disturbing, & Disgusting Subjects.

[edit] 12.1 So, they discuss subjects you don't even wish to discuss in the most graphic and disgusting way such as porn, rape, sex with children (underage girls), molestors, and pedophiles.

This is the best time to ignore all aspects of this conversation or take the "break" I discussed earlier. They will not back down or stop talking about these subjects just because you protest.

[edit] 13 - Rewards?

[edit] 13.1 What are the rewards? Why continue to participate at #aber if you don't approve their behavior?

When they tell jokes and stories about certain individuals or events it is quite funny such as George W. Bush CV. Sometimes when they gang up against each other it is quite amusing to watch. They are very funny and they occasionally can provide information to certain computer problems. Sometimes if you look for conversations it may be a waste of time because they may not always want to converse with you.