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Welsh town hosting an Outward Bound Activity Centre :

A possible cause of Aneurin's unfortunate death.

Nope, I actually enjoyed it. -- Aneurin

Aberdyfi (Pronounced and spelt Aberdovey by the english) is an archaic ritual, where the Computer Science students try to prove that they are men (really - we are, honest...) by jumping from a 20ft pole (It was at least 30ft! - MrT) and trying to catch a trapeeze. (amongst other cr@p)

It is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY for students to take the piss out of Chrome Dome, steal stuff, kiss MarkNeal , and generally cause havok in the neighbourhoods surrounding Aberystwyth.....

Don't forget the drinking of the warm beer.. eeewww, nor the GORGEOUS canteen lady (*cough*/*puke*) - The canteen dude in my aberdovey year was my mate gareth hassle from school. Who once got run over by a landrover shigs

and the fact 20 of us were playing LaDiDa around 1 table

Possible location of the only English Nationalist Pub in Wales. May have been burnt down at time of writing.