Aber Pub List

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Not to be confused with AberBaas (ask Cyril of Cyrils fame) or AberBards (ask pfffft i dunno... hmm ferret, yes Ferret he looks like a bardy type)

There are rumoured to be in excess of 60 bars in Aberystwyth which due to it's small size (compared to what? there is only Aber!) gives the highest pub density in Britain (or so I was told on the open day I came to in 2000)

Here you can find a handy but probably not complete or well organised list of some.

See also: AberStreets and NavigatingByBars

Someone should document the new Opening and Closing times of AberBars and fill in AberDrinkingTimes, especially the ones open late thanks to the new Licensing act yay!

So how is the drinking in Aber?