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Post your submissions for the AberWiki logo here!

The logos must be SMALL - around 200 pixels square at the most. Probably 64x48 is a good rule of thumb. The size should be no more than 5kb. To rate pictures, add or subtract ONE from the rating, depending whether you think it is good or bad.

Don't ALL call it wiki.gif..


Well the new logos have stopped appearing so i guess its time for a list of winners..


/uploads/aberwiki.gif by Parag0n
rating 5


/uploads/aneurin_aberwiki.png by Aneurin
rating 4

Joint 3rds:

/uploads/aberwiki_logo.jpg by Spectre
rating 3

wiki-flare-logo.png by Aimaz
rating 3

/uploads/awass.png by bluec
rating 3

The winner will be at the top of the page.. the others will be used in other places, probably.


acid-wiki.png by Aimaz
rating 1

/uploads/ultimalogo5.gif found by Ultima
rating 0

/uploads/wikiwikiyo.png by Aimaz
rating 1

/uploads/wiki.gif by m0ng
rating 1

/uploads/ultimalogo1.png by Ultima
rating 1

/uploads/aberwiki_logo2.jpg by Spectre
rating 1

/uploads/craplogo.gif by m0ng
rating -4

/uploads/wiggum.gif by someone else, uploaded by m0ng
rating 1

/uploads/ultimalogo2.png by Ultima
rating 1

/uploads/ultimalogo3.png by Ultima again :P
rating 2

/uploads/ultimalogo4.png by Ultima im gunna keep going til sum1 stops me :P
rating 3